Helicopter Charter

Helicopter Charter

To compliment the new Jet charter services we provide, he now have an exclusive helicopter air charter service; only available with AP Chauffeurs. We make sure your helicopter charter works to your exact specifications to provide you with an experience  that's tailored to you.

Your personal helicopter charter will pick you up from anywhere with suitable landing sites such as hotels, airports, weddings, outdoor business conferences and even your own back garden. This kind of service gives you complete flexibility on where to take off and land to get you closer to the events in style.

Whether you need a helicopter to impress corporate clients for the day with a tour in the sky or to make your wedding day that bit more special with landing you and your guests at the heart of the event - we can do everything with AP Helicopter Charter.

No other chauffeur service goes above and beyond to provide you with a benchmark level of luxury and privacy quite like AP Chauffeurs. Come fly with us and request a free quote today!

Our Helicopter Charter Fleet

Available to and from almost any airport in the world.

Step into a new level of luxury air charter with our sister company, AP Jets. There is no need to wait in queues, go through security and have the hassle of wasting time at an airport for your delayed flight to arrive. Everything will be waiting for you at your own leisure. You will be flying with the knowledge that everything is catered for. Whether you are flying for business or pleasure, we have the perfect jet for every occasion.


Meetings overrun, your day’s schedule can change. Business aviation has the ability to adapt to those alterations at short notice and ensure that you are in control of your schedule.

Save Time

With business aviation, four days can become four and a half hours. In addition, business aviation users can combine multiple destinations in a fraction of the time taken on the scheduled network.

Privacy & Security

On board business meetings and conversations can be carried out without the risk of confidential information being overheard; only flying with people you know and trust.